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Parksharing - automated cloud parking system. Created in Russia. Works all over the world.

We offer to install a system of license plate recognition of turnkey.

We develop, produce and implement solutions for the automation of cloud paid parking all over the world.

The appearance of the parking system

The parking system is a compact, fully “boxed” solution that controls entry into the territory solely through the identification of license plates and vehicle images based on a unique machine learning algorithm.
Administrators and users for monitoring and managing their personal account and mobile app are available.

The advantages of the system

Only the main differences between us and other companies.

No entry ticket

The absence of an entry coupon as a result of the absence of conflict situations in case of its loss.

Driver safety

Safety of drivers at a close approach to the terminal issuing coupons excluding the collision of cars with the counter.

Online support

24-hour technical support dispatch service

Convenience for owners

For owners the convenience of not having their own servers for parking maintenance.

Low price

Selling price - the closest analogues of classic parking are 1.5 times more expensive

Mobile version

Parking control from anywhere - statistics and management are available in the mobile version of the control system.

No queues

No queues to enter peak hours. The time of entry takes only about 3 seconds from the moment of stopping to the moment of opening the barrier (the passage of analogues for issuing cards is from 7 to 9 seconds)

Convenience to the client

Convenience for the client when choosing a payment method (most optimal through a personal account / mobile application sitting in a car without searching for payment points in the parking lot)

Lack of consumables

There are no expensive consumables and their replacement: tickets, cards, etc., respectively, there is no equipment downtime due to the lack of "consumables".

Available ways to pay for parking

Only the main differences between us and other companies.


The most convenient way to pay parking is through the app. You can pay without contact via the application downloaded to your phone.

It is possible through the site through the phone. The parking owner does not need to install expensive money-receiving equipment. No need for encashment. Car owners do not need to run to look for a terminal in a shopping center.


With this method of payment for parking it is necessary to have a cash point with a cashier to charge a parking service fee.

You name the car number. The cashier enters it into the cash register. The system provides, according to the entered data, the time of entry and the amount of payment according to the tariff schedule.


And at the end of the most common method of payment for parking today is the terminal.

Payment method is the same as through the application. Entered the number of cars. Then the time of entry and the amount to be paid.

You pay by card you get a check on payment.

About company

PARKSHERING - software for automatic recognition of car numbers in the traffic stream and at control points. It is used to automate the operation of parking lots, checkpoints and checkpoints, logistics and warehouse complexes, metering vehicles on highways, weights, car washes and gas stations, as well as to control the access of cars to the territory of apartment buildings and suburban villages.

The company was founded in Russia in Moscow in 2013. Since its inception, the company has implemented more than 115 projects to automate parking in courtyards, shopping centers, business centers, large parking lots and other facilities.

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